Friday, February 17, 2012

Mmmmhhmmm.... that's what I'm sayin'!

Oh, I'm so excited.... and I just can't hide it!!

I got a phone call this morning that has turned my weekend in a totally new direction!  One of my son's friends called and wants him to come over Saturday night... and then my daughter got invited over to her friends home for Saturday evening!!!

                         Can you say DATE NIGHT????!!!!

There are a few blogs that I follow that go on date night with their husbands at least once a  week, maybe more.   Yeah, I do envy these ladies... but I have resolved myself to the fact that I will take what I can get and appreciate the few date nights that I can get with my hubby.

Oh man... I'm gonna have to make a list... what to do first!! *giggling like a little school girl*  ((hugs))


  1. Okay, since I'm one of the ones who also wish for time alone with my hubby (what IS date night? :) I won't say I'm jealous. I'm excited for you!!! *clapping hands*

    Have lots of fun!!!! :D

  2. We started date night once a week a few months ago and I love it... highly recommended. I hope that you have a great time! :)

  3. Ooohh!!! Date night, cool :)

    I hope you get to do everything on your list, and maybe a few things that didn't make the list, lol.

  4. have a wonderful Saturday night ... and Sunday morning - brunch anyone???

  5. I hope you have a wonderful time! We're the opposite, our daughter is home for the weekend. I don't know what you'll do first, but I bet I know a few things that will be on the list!


  6. Date night...yes, I remember the days when we could make that fit into our schedule on a regular or at least semi-regular basis. It's a pretty rare thing for us these days too. I hope you have a wonderful time together! :)

  7. I love when those things work out. It's rare but Oh man is it great. Have fun.

  8. Fantastic! Have a wonderful evening. And, if these work out, why not make it regular...get the parents to agree you have their kids one weekend a month, then they have yours one weekend a month... that way both sets of parents get a break at least once a month!

  9. I can almost hear your excitement from here, Mikki! I am sooo happy for you both that you get to spend a special night alone together.

    Enjoy your time together...doing whatever makes you happy! (I am sure you can think of SOMETHING!! lol)

    Fondly, Sky

  10. Oh have fun Mikki! I love date nights and they are somehow more special to me when they are not too frequent.

  11. Yayyyyyy! I'm slightly jealous - we haven't had time for a date night in awhile. Soon, I hope!

    Now that its past, whatcha do?

  12. Those wonderful butterflies in the tummy - anticipation for a date with your love. One of the best feelings ever. Now, I pray that you had a LOVELY fun, sexy evening. I'd love to hear how it went.... please?