Thursday, March 1, 2012

We knew it would get better

How is it that our moods are so in tune with the weather?  If its over cast and yucky outside, our mood can definitely take a plunge in short order.  On the other hand, a person who might have been having a bout of the blues might step out doors, the sun beaming down and bathe that person with warmth and turn that frown upside down.

The weather in our region has been fabulous!  Sunshine, birds singing, spring is popping all over the first of March!!  How freaking wonderful is that??  S seems to be feeling so much better!  He is finding projects outside that have been needing to be done... and he has the motivation to also clean out his shop... which is a feat in and of it's self!! LOL

Many of you read and commented on my last post where I had a fitty fit when S decided he was going to take a risk that I didn't feel was worth it.  Well.... here is what happened...

Nothing.  He didn't do what he wanted to do after my head spun around.  He didn't get mad at me for wigging out, I think because he knew I was right.  There was no fight... no horrible words that would have exploded prior to ttwd.  There was respect... there was love... there was compassion...

We haven't been spanking lately, and I have been worrying that since we haven't been actively practicing Dd, that we would just fall apart and go back to the bad habits that we forced upon each other before.  After the episode, I went back to being respectful and submissive... and he started talking to me as if nothing ever happened.  Communication is so important... but sometimes communication doesn't have to involve words.  Sometimes less is more.  Sometimes just body language... eye contact... attitude... all speaks louder than words.

Thank you all so much for your support!  This community means so much to me!  It means so much to "hang out" with others who have "been there, done that"

Life is good!! ((hugs))


  1. I'm glad that things worked out and that you're both feeling so much better! Now, how do I order up some of that weather for my neck of the woods?

  2. Things will work out, hon, keep the faith! Rootin' for ya!

  3. Happy for you that everything worked out nicely.

  4. I think the consistency of the spanking piece of Dd may come and go based on circumstances, but the things we learn in the middle of it--the respect, compassion and love that you talk about stays as we mature. Sure hope so anyway. You two seem to have evidence of it.

  5. Nice it worked out well, Mikki!


  6. I'm so happy for you Mikki, that things turned out well.

    Fondly, Sky xx

  7. Hi Mikki, Just wanted to say I thought of you today, and hope you're doing well. You've been "absent" for longer than normal, so I was concerned. I hope you're too busy enjoying the beautiful weather to bother with blogging. :)

  8. Hi Mikki - haven't heard from you in a while and was wondering how you are? I haven't been blogging or checking blogs that often but was thinking of you and wanted to say hello.

    I hope all is well with you :)

    Fondly, Sky

  9. I'm all about HOH's and husbands being dominant, and I know we have to do wht works for us....and you know what? I kind of have the same issues. I don't take care of myself well enough. But I am really wondering why I can take care of everyone else, but not me? I take care of what I love...consistently. And I consistently don't take care of myself. So what's that saying? Can you really be spanked into loving and respecting yourself?

    I'm so tired and I could spend an hour taking care of myself ... soaking in the tub...doing my nails - but I have to go make cupcakes for someone's birthday at work tomorrow.... Can't really see DH spanking me for that - but then he would be too busy eating cupcakes and way too happy with me for making them.

    I will be checking in to see how the works for you. Best of luck!

    1. Hi... nice to meet you... your kinda nice for being anonymous! LOL

      I'm not asking him to spank me into loving and respecting myself... I do love myself.... and I do respect myself... I don't think that I could love my family the way way I do without first loving myself. I'm asking him to remind me that I'm a PRIORITY to him and that I also need to be a PRIORITY of mine!

      I think in this case... I am asking him to remind me to take the bubble bath and do my nails and then pick up some cupcakes at Walmart the next day on the way to work! ;o)

      Hope you to stick around... looking forward to seeing you around!