Monday, December 12, 2011

That's Billy Joel

Driving down the road, listening to the radio, S says "That's Billy Joel"

"No it's not"

"Yes it is..."

"No... no it's not..."

"Yes it is!"

"No... I don't think so"

"Yes it is.... and you shouldn't argue something unless your for sure about what your arguing about!"

"Yeah, I know... and I know it's Billy Joel"

"Finally, you believe me..."

"I already knew who it was.. I just felt like arguing... don't you ever feel like just arguing?"

I looked at him... he looked at me... he grinned and nodded.... "Yeah, I guess sometimes I do"

I wasn't having a great day... the kids were bickering and I wanted to leave them home while I ran to the grocery store but S wanted to get out of the house too.  Plus he wanted to help because he knew it was going to be a fairly big load.  Truth be known, in hindsight, I was glad to have all three of them.  But I really could have used a little alone time but it ended up being a very positive food trip.

This evening we went caroling to a couple of nursing homes with our church.  If that doesn't warm your heart and get you into the "Reason for the Season" mood, nothing will.  Singing to those appreciative faces makes me melt and forget stress of the day.  Hearing the songs that remind us of the reason we celebrate.  My kids were standing near me, listening to them sing melted my heart, realizing that we are making memories... making traditions.... hoping that they will teach their children these same traditions.

I am now ready for Christmas.  I've been doing all the Christmas stuff that I have needed to do, but now my heart is ready.  Ready to enjoy the family.... the friends.... the crazy schedule that we put ourselves on.


  1. Great post Mikki! I'm not ready for Christmas yet, but I'm getting there. Hopefully by the time I'm sitting in the Christmas Eve service my heart and mind will be focused on the true reason for the season, as they say. ;)

  2. "don't you ever feel like just arguing?" "Yeah, I guess sometimes I do" Love it. Isn't it nice to be on the same page with your guy? We just got our Christmas tree tonight, so we're finally getting into the swing of things at our house too! Sara

  3. It is wonderful when you are able to make memories as a family during the Christmas season! Your children will remember these times and learn the true meaning of the holiday!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Lovely post, lol, glad you are ready. Me too...bring it on!!! xxxx