Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy send off.....expecting wonderfulness!!

Oh my seems like forever since I've posted... so much has happened... and so little at the same time!!

My computer... my dear sweet friend is at the computer doctor... how sad! Seems viruses are not the only thing you have to worry about picking up on the net... seems you have to worry about spyware... hhmmm.... had no idea. Seems over 2500 different thingys had attached themselves to my friend. Anyway... she is supposed to be back Tuesday so maybe I'll be able to get back into the groove of visiting with my friends out here on the net. S has graciously allowed me to use his computer and I took him up on it since I just really wanted to post an update to my friends and let you all know that I have, in fact, not fallen off the face of the earth. I have been able to do a little reading of blogs on my wonderful Nook that I got for Christmas... just not a good typing implement!

Christmas... We had a wonderful Christmas celebration with family and friends. The kids are now officially even more spoiled than they were before! ;o) We got each of the kids a Nook ereader as they both (especially 13yo) needed an inspiration to read. So far, so good!!! The boy has already read a book that was over 250 pages and I don't know if he has ever read that much his entire life... let alone in one weekend!! LOL We are continuing to pray and expect mighty things! Christmas decorations are taken down and up in the attic for another year!

My parents.... they have come and gone, with no real drama, they weren't here long enough to get any real drama going! LOL We enjoyed their company and they enjoyed the kids... got some business done... overall, a good time had by all! Exhausting but good!

S and his health are getting better on a daily basis. Doing more... getting around better... his good humor is returning as he is giving the kids a bad time on a daily basis. We still haven't gotten back into ttwd... being submissive is a bit difficult without being "guided". I would love to get back into the thought of any kind of maintenance... I know I can talk to S about this... maybe I will in a day or two... but our intimacy is well on it's way back to where it was pre surgery and pre other health issues. Baby steps! God is so good!

Well... today we are getting ready to send 2011 off with a bang.... playing board games and eating more than we need... spending time with family and friends... hoping to be able to stay up till midnight!!

Hope everyone sends off 2011 with a great time and usurers in 2012 with the people we love... Praying for all of you!! Missing all of you!!

Happy New Year, my dear friends!!!


  1. Happy New Year's Mikki! I wondered where you had been, but glad to know you had a great Christmas.


  2. Hi Mikki. Hope your soon back online! Sounds like you all had a wonderf Christmas.

    All the best for 2012. I wish you good health, and joy and great things!

    We miss you! Hurty back online!

    Take care. Sky

  3. Welcome back, and Happy New Year. I'm so glad S is starting to feel better and that you and the family are doing well.

  4. Hope your computer feels better soon! :) Happy New Year!!!!

  5. Sorry to hear that your computer is at the drs. Nice of S let you use his. I'm glad he's starting to feel better. Happy New Year! :)

  6. Happy New Year to you too Mikki! I hope you can look forward to a happy, healthy year. LOL, sounds like you could use a spanking too...

  7. Sorry to hear your computer has been unwell....... Hoping it makes a good recovery too :)
    Happy New Year Mikki

    Dee x

  8. Hope your computer gets fixed and you can blog more often.

    And have a happy new year.


  9. Enjoy, and happy new year! Dang computers..had spyware issues recently too. Have too many computers to keep them all well at