Thursday, July 28, 2011

A different way of looking at it...

HHmmmm... I was cruising through Blogland last night and got enlightened!  Not a new thing because I always learn something new when reading the blogs of all the wonderful people who blog about ttwd.  I feel so new to it so I'm always looking for a different spin on different thoughts and I definitely found one last night.

I'm not really sure who's blog I got this from, and I need to go find out... when I do I'll make a note of it... but he mentioned that so many people spend so much money traveling to see different landscapes when all they would have to do is look at the same landscape in a different way.  Wow... that is fairly deep!  He then went on to suggest to us ladies that get so irritated with our HOH who don't seem to spank us as much as we like... or let things slide that we think they should just jump in the middle of and take the bull by the horns and spank away... that just the fact that he isn't spanking us... is in a way being dominate.  He is choosing to spank when HE wants to spank and isn't going to be told, by someone who is supposed to be his submissive, what to do and how to do it.

Wow... now that is definitely a different way of looking at the same landscape!  So that means that if my HOH doesn't spank me it doesn't mean that he isn't into ttwd as much as I was hoping.... maybe he is just doing things in his own time... and not mine.  Interesting.  I'm not so sure that is true all the time... but it is a different way of looking at it.  I guess I am looking at it in our marriage and for the most part I need to think that is what is going on.  I have found that in my head is where I really need my spankings anyway.  It's never my butt that screws things up!  It's most generally the body part sitting on my shoulders that really deserves the punishment.   My tongue won't quit flapping around at times..... my eyes have this compulsive way of rolling in a way that others may find offensive... my brain won't quit doing all the questioning S's motives... thinking I need to be right.. thinking that I need to be right... thinking .... thinking ... thinking.....  My poor bottom just is there to support me and all my parts.

Anyway... I thought this different way of looking a things was worth sharing... a new perspective isn't a bad thing to have... unless your perspective is bent over taking a punishment on the butt when in reality it probably  isn't the bottom who screwed things up.


  1. Ha ha..that's pretty good. I figure my mouth writes a check it can't pay and my backside pays the overdraft charges..eeeek.

  2. Yes, you are so right, Mikki, I found my Davey was wise to me in that way too.... I had a habit of doing things to P*** him off, just to get a spanking... and when he stopped rising to that challenge, I got cross.
    Then he sternly told me that HE would decide when to spank me, and he would not be dictated to by me! Grr! I introduced him to the dd lifestyle thinking I would still be in control, LOL, but it is much sexier that he has stepped up and over-ruled that idea!!!