Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Wife Appreciation Day!

My hubby walked into church after Sunday School today with a guy from our church who had brought his wife a dozen roses for what he said was Wife Appreciation Day. Not very many people notice it because I think Halmark gets us to celebrate as many card giving days as they possibly can.  S was a bit upset and I didn't get why.  He stated that once again he had been shown up as he didn't know that it was this "special day".  Oh bless his heart.. I don't think he believed me but I didn't know it was either.  I quickly reminded him that he knows what I like... and it ain't roses.

I like Diet Mt. Dew... yes... my fix of choice.  Anytime he goes to town and comes home after running errands.. I get a DMD... what a turn on that he remembered me while he was out and about.

I like him standing next to me in church... its a thing that I really like and appreciate.  God brought us together and has done nothing but strengthen our marriage since it has been shown to me that I need to be submissive to my husband.  It has been a long road to hoe learning that life is so much easier having just one boss in the house.

I like submitting to the sexiest man I have every met... and the more he learns how to be my HOH the sexier he is to me.  I know he is trying very hard to learn how to best guide me and support me.

I like that we have a secret that no one else knows about... except for you all that is!! *wink*

I like that he is concerned about my health and well being.  He doesn't like me staying up late after he has gone to bed... he knows I could/would be up all night and when you have to work the next morning that is not healthy.

I like being spanked.  Don't tell anybody but I do.  I don't necessarily care for the pain.  I do, however, like having him rub my behind before he warms me up.  I like how he holds me after he warms me up.  I like the new found intimacy that we have found since we have come to ttwd.

I like the subtle little parts of our new life that make me so attracted to him.  When he decides that we are taking his car instead of mine.  That sounds so silly but it's kinda two fold.  Just S making a decision is so out of character it's a turn on because I know he is starting to enjoy this new thing. When we take his car he drives and it's  HOH Driving Miss Mikki..... a wonderful new home movie that we are so enjoying!!

Hope you are having a wonderful Wife Appreciation Day too!!


  1. Hi Mikki- Happy to be your first follower! look forward to reading more!

  2. DMD is my favorite drink, too! It's a better gift than flowers or chocolate for me. I only have ONE rule in my house and that is that you CANNOT take the last one. My sweet husband finds it amusing, but he also respects it. Welcome to the blogging world!