Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Oh I think I'm on blog overload... I have been reading blogs every second that I have available yesterday and today and wow... there are a lot of wonderful writers out there!!  I mean WOW!  Very impressive!  Of course they have all been spanking blogs of different shades of kink.  I have been going to the following lists on the blogs that I follow... I'm sure that is how it's supposed to be done and I think that I have invented the wheel! :o)

Ever since I can remember I have had humiliation dreams.  I had one when I know I was like 9yo where the VERY cute boy next door (across the field, I grew up in the country) met me  in the woods and somehow I got naked and I was tied up in the crook of a tree spread eagle.  Then he was whipping me with some sort of bull whip that he got from somewhere.  Now...I'm sure that there are people out there that will think that I may have been abused... where do kids get thoughts like that all by themselves?  I just don't think so.  My mom was a stay at home mom.... I spent the night at only one girls house all my early years and that was a slumber party.... Mom was just always there.  No time to get into trouble!

Anyway.. I digress... is that not an awesome dream?  Then there is this other dream where there is this stumpy man.... older... and he had a tall slender and beautiful  woman with him.  I was some sort of observer but nobody really knew I was there.  He was humiliating her by making her crawl naked on the semi private beach where at any time she could be seen.  He made her do things like sit naked in the sand... beg for something to drink... and then in the end he buried her in the sand... showing only her head and then at the end... right before I woke up he was standing above her and started unzipping his zipper.... and then I woke up!!  Not a bad erotic humiliation story for a pre adolescent!

So, you see, I have always been in to spanking and humiliation.  Not sure that I wanted to be spanked till I actually was just several months ago by S.  My night in shining armor!  I do like a good spanking as opposed to a "bad" one!  I'll take a good girl spanking and some humiliation on the side before bed.  You know... this Dd thing is one of the most wonderful things that has happened to me and S.  Before Dd we had sex like twice a month... and then it was like yet one more job on my list to do.  Sex is not fun if it's a job!  Since hubby and I have committed ourselves to ttwd, I think we have made mad passionate love near every night!  Its all in the mindset!  I promised to submit to him... and I really meant it!  Mind body and soul!  He promised to be my dragon slayer... my HOH.

In my last post I was expecting some spankings and some experimenting... well usually us girls get pretty yanked when we are told we are going to get a spanking and don't for days.... but to be quite honest we have gotten so caught up in the experimenting that we honestly both forgot about the spanking!  He promised to give me one tonight before dinner so we won't get distracted.

Just as couple more nights without children....

Gotta suck it dry!! ;op


  1. Mikki,
    Welcome to blogland! Your story is very much like mine, but fortunately for you, you are 10 years ahead of me. It's amazing how surrender brings contentment and passion in our lives.

    Nice to meet you, now, get off the computer and have some fun before the kids get home, lol!


  2. Wow, those are some dreams! Glad you guys are falling back in lust with one another..awesome. You are right, it's a mindset. I have always been sexually submissive but that is where my submission stopped in it's tracks. Lol. Now I'm learning how to put it all together and it's not easy. But it's well worth it. (most days!)

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by... and yes, the passion is incredible!!! BTW... we got off the computer....*giggling*

  4. OH, MY, you had some pretty wild dreams!!! xxx