Monday, July 18, 2011

There's a first time for everything!

Our kids are both gone.. omg I haven't been able to say that for like 12 years.  Ok, every once in a while both kids do happen to be gone at the same time, but not very often!  It's almost as if they feel like they need to chaperon us!! ;o)  They are good kids and we love them very much.. but they are both gone for 4 days!!  AAuugghhhh!!!!  What will we do with this time we finally have together???   We have friends who seem to think that we don't know what to do with this time because everybody wants to get together... REALLY???  We can do that when the kids are home and we can stick a frozen pizza in the oven for the kids and we can go out to dinner with these friends!! (our kids are 8 and 12 and are responsible enough to be alone for a couple of hours)

Definitely a bit of spanking tonight... lots of sweating... maybe a little experimentation... oh I do love my husband!!  The love of my life.  I can't imagine spending my life with anyone but him!  S tries so hard to please me.  I brought ttwd to him and I think he started reluctantly but he wouldn't tell.  He did it because he loves me.... and now I think he does it because he likes what it has done for us!

I told him last night that I do love spanking... I really do.  Not necessarily the pain so much as the mindset that it keeps me in.   The problem is that we don't have a lot of privacy and our house is set up with all the bedrooms at the same end of the house.  We have even gotten "caught" once by our very concerned son who thought he heard someone beating on his mom... he barged into the room(somebody forgot to lock the door) (no lights on thank God) and had the phone in hand and had his battery operated alarm clock for light fixing to call 911 to save his mom from who ever was beating her!!!  Very traumatic for all of us!!  A cold shower could not have cooled things down in that room faster!!!

Anyway... needless to say spankings are very spocratic and it's not S's fault.  It is what it is.  But I don't want to go back.. and neither does he.  I've been lurking around all of these wonderful blogs this week and I think I may have come up with yet another answer.  A couple of blogs mentioned butt plugs.  We have toys but have never even thought of getting one of those.  One of the ladies mentioned that she and her family were moving and were lacking privacy and her husband sent her to put a butt plug in and then to go about her daily activities.  OMG that is exactly what I have been looking for.  Not that I want a butt plug in as I am cooking supper and getting the kids ready for bed, but I think it will be a way of "reeling me back in" when I start loosing it.  So I ordered a set today and can't wait till they get here.  I'm excited to see how they might be used in ttwd.

I'm looking for other ways for S to reel me in without anyone else knowing.  I'm taking suggestions if anybody  might read this has any ideas to go along with this!?  I'm hoping that this secret that we are going to have when  he sends me to "plug in" and then continue on my day will redirect my attitude and bring me back to where I need to be.

Oh I still want to be spanked... and will be anytime we can... but between them, his correction and guidance is all I need.  Well ok... I think I might like a bit more than that from S...*grin*


  1. Well I really stink at heeding warnings, and I hate to be spanked so hubby will send me to put a skirt on with no panties. It's a wake up call knowing I'm pretty darn vulnerable..and I get my act together, usually.

  2. LOL, at both your post, and Stormy's comment... xxxxxxxxxxx