Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Family Rules

I found this sign on Pintrest today.... it hit so close to home for us!  Not only as a couple do we follow these rules, but we teach our children these same rules.  It's so sad that no everybody does.  I wonder what this world would be like if we took this sign to heart.  The only thing that I really wish that is also said was to believe in Jesus Christ and live for him.  Other than that... perfect.

Down there toward the bottom of the sign it says "take a moment to breathe"... that is the second time I have read that today.  I was lurking around and came across morningstar at The Journey, she is struggling but is remembering to breathe.  That is something that we all forget to do every so often.

I am sitting here trying to figure out which is the most important.... and I think they are all just as important as the rest.  I do have to say though that my now 9yo daughter is working on the "don't whine" and my almost 14yo son is trying hard to "be grateful" (or should I say we are trying to teach it to him! lol)  I'm trying to teach S to "Laugh out Loud" without much success, I have to admit.

My own person struggle is "be silly"... seems things have been so serious lately, trying to figure out some things coming up this fall.... trying to anticipate and adjust for what might come that I forget to enjoy what is here and now at times!  Things will get better but for now a bit stressy.... my own new word! ;o)

Maybe I need a spanking to remind me to be silly! lol


  1. I like the sign, remembering to breath is good, and I am sure a spanking will help:)

  2. Great sign! Silly is certainly needed when things get stressy. A spanking may or may not help remind you to be silly, but it could lead to something else enjoyable (at least it often does at my house). lol