Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

I don't know how many that read this watched Americas Got Talent tonight.... Did you see All Beef Patty? OMG... He/she is larger than life....literally.... but can sing like nobodies business!  The costume looked like Cyndi Lauper.... but the singing was way better in my humble opinion.

Anyway... read the sign... that is me all over!! ;o)

I might even like it better than a spanking! *giggling*

Just had to share! LOL xx


  1. oh if i had to give up spanking forever so that i could eat without getting fat, it would be worth it. But then, it'll probably be the ONLY thing worth giving up a spanking for.

    1. I'm thinking I totally agree!! A girl can dream!! LOL

  2. Oh my, no, nooooooooo, I would rather get fat than give up a spanking lifestyle... xxx