Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just flickin' buggers on the wall....

Ok... it was an accident. I know it was. S asked me one evening if I was working on my blog. The boy was sitting right there... in stealth mode (doesn't happen that often). Then I heard..

MOM!! You have a blog??? (very excited)

(looking up from what I'm doing... staring at S... then at the boy) I guess, yeah.

COOL!! What is your address??? I want to read it!! (Still very excited)

You don't need to read my blog. It's a bunch of ramblings that actually ends up being like a diary, of sorts. No... I don't want you to read it.

BUT MOM....(Not near as excited....)

I said no... end of discussion.

Ok... yeah, I said it... end of discussion. Just like my mom and dad used to say to me. Oh how I swore I wouldn't do things that they did and say things that they said!! AAuugghh! What is this world coming to???

Then it happened again. Several days later we were on our way to Sunday School. S doesn't like Sunday School so he meets us for church later. So I had our neighbor lady in the van, who is close enough a friend to know about a lot of my past, but not my present ttwd. She does know I have a blog also but she isn't computer savvy at all so she doesn't really know what a blog is, just that I have one and that I used it as my diary.

(Out of the blue... ) So mom, what is the address to your blog??

(Head fixin' to start spinning) I thought we understood each other on this...no, I don't want you reading my blog. Why? Have you been looking for it??

Yeah, I googled it trying to find it. You know... there are a lot of Mikkis out there that have blogs.

(Getting pretty PO'd to be going to God's house) Are you freaking kidding me??? I thought I told you that I didn't want you reading my blog?? Really?? Are you kidding me????

(Defensive... and rightly so... he was fixing to die!!) I didn't find it... I promise...I'm sorry, I didn't want you to get mad....

(Trying very hard to draw the vampire fangs back in and tried to keep the crazy from leaking in to my eyes... crazy in the eyes is very hard to get out... and we are almost to church) Ok... I'm going to try to calmly tell you something that I think you are old enough to understand. Are you ready???

(He cautiously nodded)

Ok... my blog.... it's my diary. It's where I put all my personal private thoughts. Yes, there are people who read my blog. Not many but a few. And yes... they make comments. Some of them I like, some that make me work harder than I would like. Never the less... I use these comments in my daily life to adjust, learn from mistakes... etc. However... none of these people know me in real life. All they know is what I tell them. They don't judge me... they don't look at me funny... they read and comment or not and at the end of the post... none of us know each other except what we want them to. This is the wonderful part, the anonymity... the type like when you flick a bugger onto the wall in a bathroom stall and nobody knows that it's you who did it. ( I know... there are about a million different thought processes that I could have used... but how many would a 12yo boy have understood)

MOM... do you do that??

Do what?

Flick buggars on to the wall in the bathroom.

Well no... but I know people like you do and you would get it. Do you get it? Do you get that it's ok for perfect strangers to read my diary but not my kid?? Can you imagine how many years of therapy I'd have to pay for for you if you read my personal thoughts?? (S and I have always teased that we weren't going to save for our children's college... they can get student loans and grants for that... but we would have to save for their therapy that our children need after being raised by us...the products of our own parents. We started teasing about that even before ttwd)

Sorry... I never really thought of it that way...

Do you think you can quit looking for me on the net...or do I have to smash your computer???

I'll quit looking... I'm sorry....

We're good... I love you

Love you too mom

Guess I'm done flickin' buggers for now! *grin*


  1. Cute!! And how horrifying to have your child find your blog! EEEK!!!

  2. Thank you Rogue...Yeah... that's what I thought too. I really don't think he will find it... and if he finds it, there really isn't enough on the face of my blog that will point to the fact that it's his mom's.... and if he crosses the 18 or over warning on the front... and I find out about it.. he will need way more than physiological therapy!!

  3. I love the perfect 12 year old booger explanation. Also hope he keeps his word and doesn't keep looking!

  4. That is one if my fears. That one of my daughters finds my blog.

    I'd best start saving for their therapy!

    I'm sure your son will not look any further now that you've explained it's like your diary.

    Take care


  5. Just a thought...maybe you could start a dead boring blog that would be real easy to find? ;) Then, if he searched, and found it, and read it, he would not bother reading it for long... and once he thought he had found it, and checked out how dead boring it was, he would probably never bother looking for it again... xxxxx

  6. Hi Mikki,

    I wanted to offer my experience. You take it and decide if it would work with your kid. Ginger's child is my Godchild (Adoption it turns out, requires Mom to legally give up the child so we can adopt. Stupid rule). I believe in being open about sexuality with the child, so any time a question was asked it was answered truthfully. We never claimed babies came from storks, though we did get professional guidance on what was age appropriate. Also, Ginger and I were caught in bed once when school let out early and the kid come home, so that discrete fact was sort of stuck in the kids face unfortunately. All that being said, if this had come up for us, I would have offered to tell the kid where to find the blog, so long as it was understood it included discussions of my sex life. Invariably I got the same response.


    Of course sweetie, let me know if you change your mind. I mean let's be real, Brad and Angies kids don't want to contemplate the sex, it's their parents. Gross!

    Of course, as I said, you make the call. It would have sucked to be taken up on my offer!

  7. @ Susie....Thank you...it's amazing to me what we parents come up with when we need to! LOL

    @ Sky... yeah, I'm counting on the fact that he won't continue to look. I'm limiting his computer time these days... not as a punishment.. just "guiding" him to other activities.

    @ Daisychain... I so appreciate your suggestion... and I may have to do just that later... but for now I'm "suggesting" different activities... playing outside.. playing the Wii... a dead blog is just way more work than I'm willing to do right now.

    @MagnusCattus... Wow... and I thought it sucked to be caught by the 12yo in the middle of the night... he stormed in... thought he heard me crying. Yeah, that sucked.

    I make a lot of mistakes in parenting... but I never on purpose offer anything that I am not willing to follow though with. I don't yell at the kids and tell them that if they don't quit fighting that I'm gonna turn this car around... I instead offer that if they don't quit I will pull this van over and warm their bottoms. They take me very seriously.

    One other thing... I don't have a problem with my kids learning about sex. We don't lie to our kids about sex either. There is a huge difference between me and their dad sitting down with them and telling them about the relationship between a man and a woman and my kid reading about how his mom and dad have a Dd relationship and dad spanks mom.

    BTW... sounds like you and yours figured out a way around the adoption thing. At least that way, if something, God forbid happens, you will at least not have to worry about losing your child too!