Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wooo Hooo... I had a great time!

Wow... I had a great time Friday night.  I signed up for the Learning Domestic Discipline chat room!  I have to say that I was a bit nervous about going to this chat room for several reasons.

I had to ask S if I could even sign up for this chat room.  Even if it were free I had to ask him.  Years ago my mom and I used to meet in a chat room to save money on long distance bills.  When my mom and I were visiting we were also visiting with other people.  There were several people that I  had befriended with in that chat room... one of them was a man who knew all the right words to say.  He romanced me and said things that S didn't.  At the time we were having a horrible time in our marriage.  I was a bitchy little wanna be princess and S was struggling with unmedicated depression.  He found out that I had a cyber affair.  I know this sounds ridiculous to some.  I may not have physically had an affair... but it was an affair of the heart.  I was very lonely and needed companionship... I was just "looking for love in all the wrong places" as it were.  We got through it and I swore not to go back to that chat room.  There was absolutely no way that I would have gone to this room without asking... no matter how wonderful and innocent it is, especially given ttwd... it puts my mind in a totally different place.

One of the other reasons that I was nervous was because I look up to so many of the writers of these wonderful blogs that I have learned so much from!  How was I going to talk to these people, I was very nervous.  I know... they put their panties on one leg at at time, just like the rest of us...LOL  I just feel like such a newbie compared to so many of you people!!

You were so welcoming... made me feel very much included!  Rouge and Christine even had a ceremony, inducting me and Jill  into the NPA group!!  How sweet was that !!?  It was very funny and just made me feel like one of the group!  Clint was there for a minute... peeked in....

I'm definitely not looking for a relationship... I have one.  I'm not looking for romance.... I have it.  I'm not looking to get spanked... it hurts!!  I love my S and he is all I need.  I do, however look forward to chatting it up with some that are in the same type of Dd relationship.

Come and visit!  Hang out with like minded people who can talk about our lives and ttwd like we do about every other part of our lives.  Sometimes it gets a little stuffy in this "closet"... how about you??  It's nice talking to those who are like minded.

Thanks again for the nice welcome ladies!


  1. It was fun getting to you know girls! I'm glad you joined. We are cheerleaders for each other....along with the occasional when-needed voice of reason.

    I know I'm happy to be there. Now if I could just get my chat fixed... :)

  2. Hope you have fun, Mikki...I don't have time for chatting there; not at the moment anyway! Working long hours atm...seriously long. Nip here for a few secs inbetween doing my online orders... if I got into a chatroom, my work wouldn't get done! xxxxx

  3. Good for you Mikki! I understand completely about the cyber "Affair". It's not something that I've ever dealt with, but I know how other people feel and it's the emotional reaction that counts.

    I did want to point something out though. I know what you meant, and I don't mean to be critical, but some of those women you started chatting with probably aren't allowed to wear panties.

    I'm just sayin'.

  4. Hi Mikki

    It sounds like you're relationship is on the right track now. :-)

    Wow, I had no idea there was a chat!

    Can anyone join?

    I don't have a lot of time for chatting but it sounds like so much fun and such a good way to get to know people.

  5. stumblingchi... Yeah, there is a chat room... down side... it costs $5.95/mo

    Up side... mention my name and you get 20% off forever, means it only costs $4.75 (approx) and I get a free month..

    Its at up on the top banner click on LLD Social Network.

    I know I didn't go there for a while because I didn't want to pay for it.. but there is a 2 week free/no risk/ if you don't like it there is no cost. The reason I don't mind paying is that it tends too keep the jerks out... you know... the people who go around to chat rooms giving people a bad time.

    Anyway... there ya go... hope to see ya there!! :o)

  6. Nervous? That's crazy talk..we are all just women getting to know one another. I'm so glad you joined us! (but I do know what ya mean) Its a help just having a support out there. I don't make it on a whole bunch but when I can I sure have fun chatting.