Thursday, September 29, 2011

Communication... the name of the Game!!

I think we have all been there... wallering in our own selves.... wondering how come he doesn't "love me enough" to spank me.  Does he hate Dd?  Are we not only not on the same page but not even in the same library??

And then I did it.  I have asked for help.

He was very ok with it.

Almost too ok with it.

I need to lose some weight.  I had lost some and then gained a lot of it back and I feel so much better not only mentally but physically when I'm lighter.  I need someone to answer to besides my clothes.  I need to have to tell someone if I have taken my walk ... I need to tell someone who is going to keep me accountable.  I need a spanking when I screw up and gain.  Not because he wants me to lose because S doesn't care what size I am.  That is so sweet... but I need to lose it for me and that is truly the only reason for self improvement.... self.

So I asked him if he would help me lose weight... by spanking me if I gain.  His answer..."Well, sure" in just the exact tone that I needed to hear.

He followed it up with "I'm sorry we haven't been getting your maintenance done like I said I would... there just doesn't seem to be any time"

Yeah, I know, and I don't hold it against you... I don't really like spankings anyway.

HUH?  What do you mean you don't like spankings?

I mean I've come to realize that they hurt and that I don't necessarily like them.  I am very turned on about the thought of getting one ... and I like where it puts my head after getting one... I just don't like the during.  So since I don't like them... I'm thinking that I might try a bit harder knowing that if I trip up, you are going to be there to catch me and redirect my thinking... what do you think about that plan?

I think your silly... but what ever works for you.  I also think that if anyone ever figures out the woman's mind, they would be an absolute millionaire!!  And I like where they put your head too... I think we need to try to find the time to maintain your head!  (I could hear him smile in the dark)

Little does he know that it doesn't make any sense to me either.  How could something that you don't like turn you on?  Crazy!

I love being spanked with his hand.  Problem... he doesn't like to spank me with his hand because it hurts him too! LOL  I know this but he has never said anything out loud.  So if I gain he is going to use a paddle.  He promises to make it hurt.   HHmmm..... sitting here writing this, it really turns me on thinking of him spanking me with a paddle... I just hate being spanked by one.  Paddles hurt... how does it turn me on when I hate being spanked with a paddle... and yet my breathing is getting a bit shallow thinking about it?

As long as he is going to help me, that is all that matters.

Talking is definitely the way to go!!  


  1. Good for you for asking for help! That can be a hard thing to do. And losing weight isn't easy either. They say to have an accountability partner (not sure they meant to have one who spanks you if you gain weight, hehehe, but that's ok). ;)

  2. Hey Mikki

    I admire you for asking for help like that!

    Keep us updated.. :-)

  3. Glad you are getting help with it! Good Luck with the weight loss!


  4. Aaah, asking for help with anything is so hard, so I'm proud of you! LOL, mine doesn't think he should have to hurt his hand either. Dang paddles.

  5. @Grace... yeah, he is my "hands on" partner... or should I say "paddle on" LOL

    @Stumbligchi... thank you... and I definitely will!

    @Siged Loving... Thanks... I really need the help.. and moral support is so important!

    @Susie... Yes... Dang paddles... I couldn't imagine a whip or cane! aauughhh

  6. If it is a wooden paddle, it will hurt!!!! I know this... LOL xxxxxx

  7. Hmm I tell Dakota specifically not to spank me with his hand because I know it must hurt him. That distracts me more than the spanking itself! But the paddle does seem like a good deterrent lol.

  8. I say if his hand hurts well it just serves him right! Haruumph. JK. Sort of.

    Well good for you. Our guys are there to help, right? One time I did the unthinkable for me- I told him to tell me I had to make an eye appointment. He said "how much time do you want before I spank you?" I said "give me two weeks."

    He said "Make the appointment in the next two days or face the music."

    Dang game changer! But, I got it done of course :)


  9. I see so much of myself in your post, Mikki! I've been giving a lot of thought to whether I should ask Alex to help me with my weight loss journey (like your husband, my size doesn't matter to him), because I think it may really help.

    I also can't figure out the whole "I don't want to be spanked!" but "Oh God, how the before and after thought of them turn me on!"

    No wonder men have such a hard time figuring us women out -- we can't even figure ourselves out sometimes...LOL...