Wednesday, September 14, 2011

OMGoodness.... Look what I found in my Bathroom Closet

Look at what I found?? I was cleaning out my bathroom closet! Are you kidding? I've told you before that I'm a closet hoarder. You are not going to find stacks of newspapers in my closets... your gonna find cool stuff there. I like to go to yard sales and I do get some very cool stuff from them. Sometimes I'm looking for something specific, but most generally I just shop. When you can get stuff for pennies on the dollar... why not?? Most everything cleans up really well, and if it doesn't, I've usually purchased it for cheap enough that I can afford to throw it away.
I don't remember buying these brushes, but here they are! There was a time, not long ago, that I was always on the look for bath stuff. We didn't spank back then... wasn't even a twinkle in my thought process. HHmmm.... kinda wonder if it was some kind of subconscious that I would buy these objects of my behinds demise.

It is truly amazing what is purchased for one reason turns into being used for a way other!! ;o)

S is now wondering when we might be able to get some alone time... hhmmm.... not really sure it will ever happen if he's planning on trying them all out!! LOL


  1. Treasure? or Terror? They look very ouchy to me!

  2. Oh, my, Mikki, I wish you luck with THAT arsenal of ass destruction! xxxxxxxx

  3. @Meow... Yeah, I'm thinking terror... but for some reason the sight of implements turns me on but spankings hurt and I don't like them... I'm so screwed up!! I'm thinking I'm in good company though! LOL

    @Daisychain... yes... quite an arsenal! Accidental arsenal!! I can't believe that I have had such dangerous weapons around all this time!! AAuugghhh!! ;o)

  4. Is that first one left handed? I see that in the stores a lot, but it just doesn't work for me.

  5. Step 1--Pack a snack...a large one
    Step 2--Dispose of terrifying objects
    Step 3--Run away from home
    Step 4--Return only when chaos has overridden the house and you will be the much loved hero for saving the day

  6. @RichPerson.... WwoooHooo.. You are right, it does look left handed. S won't be able to use it either... bboohhoo....*giggling* I do like to look at them though... I'm sick! LOL

    @Susie.... ROFLMBO!! You are hilarious! I'm thinking it might work! LOL Thanks for the tip!

  7. Ouch, Ouch and Ouch. Burn them all:)

    Have a good weekend.


  8. I have one like the first one and the clear one. Like you I was seduced by their look. Let me add - they hurt like hell!! I keep them hidden, surely he'll forget we have them. I will say that the first one makes an excellent backsctatcher!