Monday, October 3, 2011

I've done it this time......

I have to say first off... we really don't have any "rules"... my rules are kinda far and few between.  If S has an opinion on something... he'll tell me not to do that in the future.  For example, we know a couple who don't do great at managing their money.  Every once in a while I will lend them money till payday.  Now I know we aren't a payday load agency... but I don't mind helping people out if I can.  They have never not paid us back.

The last time I loaned them any money, S wasn't happy... and told me not to do it again.  That was two months ago.  I was ok with that.  The wife and I are great friends... her husband is kind of a jerk.  S is kind enough to be nice to him when he's around.

The Jerk called me last Thursday and told me that his wife wouldn't be calling me till the following Monday because their phone was gonna be shut off, and they would be able to turn it back on Monday.  I told him to tell her to come over and I could loan it to her for the weekend... no biggie.  She is such a good friend... and the money problems were probably because of him... amazing what goes on in a person's head instead of what it is supposed to be remembering.  I really hate to see people not have a phone in case of an emergency.

I honestly forgot!  I really did... I'm not kidding... completely forgot... till I wrote the check.. and then there it was... I remembered.  Dang it!

Now I had to tell S.  There were a lot of thoughts that went through my mind.  I thought of not telling him.  I really did.  For a spit second, but I did.

I told him the next evening... Oh and he wasn't happy, not one bit.  I have to say, my husband is one of the most laid back people I have ever met.  He rarely get's mad... but he was that night.  He didn't even suggest a spanking,  I almost wonder if he thought I did it to get a spanking.  I felt so bad.

That evening, after we made love, I told him how badly I felt about the loan... and asked him for my first discipline spanking.  I told him that I felt I needed to make things "right".  I honestly did forget... this isn't a ploy to get a spanking.  I'm the chick that doesn't want real spankings.  I like the erotic spankings but I have come to realize that I'd rather just read about everybody else's!

After a moment or so... S agreed that I did, in fact, have a spanking coming.  He informed me that it wouldn't be a "pat pat"... I'm gonna know I've been spanked.  AAuugghh..... what have I done???

I'm hoping that the spanking eases my heavy heart because I do feel so bad.  Even though she did pay me back this morning.  I'm so glad I told him because he was there when she gave me the money back.  Oh man, I can't imagine if I had been caught in all of this without having told him!

Well.... I'm in waiting.  I'm waiting for my spanking.  I think this might be worse than actually getting the spanking.  I'm thinking I'm going to send the kids outside this evening and go to him and ask to finish this up.  I don't think he has forgotten.. not by the look that I got when she paid me back today!! AAAaauugghh.... I may want to just run away from home!!!

I've done it this time!!


  1. Thinking how lucky it was that you told him, don't envy you the wait though, that's a kind of punishment in itself eh.
    I'm sure you'll both feel better afterwards and I get the feeling you might not be forgetting the next time lol.
    Good luck!

    Dee x

  2. Ucky! Waiting all day is not fun and this doesn't sound like it's going to be the kind of spanking that you like. Sorry! I hope you get it over with tonight and I'm sure when it's done you will feel better and the heavy heart will be gone. Still...feeling for you. Not good times.

  3. Dee.... yeah, that was pretty fortunate that I already told!! I don't usually have that kind of luck! LOL

    Susie... Thanks for your kind words!! Your right... not great times... but doable! ;o)