Sunday, October 30, 2011

I have a new lurker

I recently noticed I have a lurker reading my post...

He's not a guy that would have been noticed on your site unless he would have posted, I know, none of them are noticed unless they post! LOL

I think he has been hanging around here more than we know...

I was really surprised to see he had been here,

He has always made fun of me for blogging...

I have sent him invitations.... after invitation... but no bites.

I wish he would post something, if for no other reason than sometimes to just say hi...

To just say "I'm here.... watching you..."

To say "I'm interested in what your writing... "

It very much excites me to know he is watching me... reading what I'm writing without telling me he's here...

I like that he is interested in what is going on in my head, he is interested in everything else in me... ;o)

I happened to walk into the room this afternoon... totally unexpected ... he was getting up out of his chair, with my blog on his laptop... I saw it... I was instantly the happiest little blogger in the whole wide world!!!

I don't know why S doesn't want me to know he is reading my blog, and I don't know how much of it he has read, but I'm very happy he has arrived!!

So, S, if your reading this.... will you please "Join" my blog??  We don't have to talk about it... I just think it would be cool if you would... I love you...

To the sexiest lurker ever!!! **kisses**


  1. Awww :)) I hope he does, for you. I think it's way cute when the guys jump in and post comments from time to time :)

    Dee x

  2. I have a lurker like that too - most of the time. He used to comment once and a while. Rarely now but I'm happy when he reads too. I wish us both luck to keep these sexy lurkers.


  3. Woo hoo! I love that my hubby reads my blog. It has provoked whole bunches of good conversations and like you said, it helps him understand what is going on in my head. I hope S keeps lurking and maybe even admits it with a little grin or wink or something.

  4. Mikki, that's really cool! I remember how good I felt when I discovered my husband had been reading my blog.

    If you want S to follow your blog, perhaps you should suggest he create a pseudonymous identity on Google.


  5. Dee... I think it's cool for them to post so we might have a bit of insight into their minds too! :o)

    FD... Nope... not yet... here's to hopin'! ;o)

    PK... I'm not expecting much in the post department... he is a bit shy in real life, and given that he is just learning how to type.. *giggling*

    Susie... I am hoping to provoke good conversations... I'm not expecting him to understand what's going on in my head... most of the time I don't either!! LOL Heck, maybe that's what I want, him knowing that I don't really understand me either!! LOL

  6. What a cute post, I see this same thing coming in my future. Like Dee I like to see when the guys comment. Have a great day.

  7. Very cool! Welcome S!!! I don't think Michael visits my blog very often, but I email him my posts before I post them and he reads them. Sometimes they provoke conversations, other times he just gets clued in to where my head is at. I also like to see if he disagrees with something or if he'd interpret it differently, lets me know where his head is at too! I hope S steps out from the shadows and says hello or at least admits to you that he's been reading here. ;)

  8. Daddy rarely comments on my blog, but sometimes I catch him reading it. He's my favorite lurker, too;)!


    P.S. That's neat that S is reading your blog!

  9. Davey has arranged it so every one of my posts goes automatically to his email address! So he never misses a single one! Isn't it cool that they are interested? xxx

  10. Love this post! I feel that blogging is another way to share information...who better to share with? abby

  11. faerie...I love seeing the guys post!! Thanks for stopping buy! ;o)

    Hermione... Yeah, I'm going to see if he would like me to set it up so that all my posts go to the email for him... Hes not very blog savvy, and doesn't plan for that to change! LOL

    Grace... Yes... I'd like to see him giving it up and posting here and there... **holding breath**LOL

    Kitty... gotta love our favorite lurkers!! LOL

    Daisychain... that's what I need to do for Stu... it's not hard.. I just need to get him to want me to do that for him... Pray for me.. Need to that!

    abby.. thank you... blogging is my therapy.. way cheaper!! LOL

  12. Awesome! I'm really glad for you Mikki! Sara

  13. Welcome S! I am glad Matthew reads mine as well :)

  14. Ohhhhhhhhhhh how cool! I, too, have one of these secret lurkers, and this one I share a bed with at night!