Sunday, October 23, 2011

Surprise Maintenance Spanking

"The kids are down at the neighbors for a while..."

"Oh... ok...." not really thinking much of it.... having just put the groceries away... piddling a bit.

"It's time for your maintenance spanking...don't you think..." guiding me to our bedroom.

"Oh, well, yeah, ok, I guess... yeah, uhmm...yeah, we could do that" Like I had a choice... by the time I gave him 'permission' to do what he was going to do whether I wanted him to or not, I was entering our bedroom... being guided to our bed... bent over his side of our bed.  I bared my behind to him... buried my face in our bed.  I could smell his cologne... the sun had been beaming on that spot, it was so warm... smelled so good.

Whack... whack... whack... no nice warm up... I finally remembered to count my swats.  Not out loud, just counted them to get some sort of idea as to what I can take, compared to some of the ones I read about here.  He spanked me with his hand... I love being spanked with his hand, but I know it can hurt and I don't want it to hurt his hand.  I think he did this because he knows I like it that way.. that I hate implements.  I don't want it to hurt him, not only because I don't want him to hurt, but I also don't want it to keep him from wanting to keep doing ttwd.

I got 12... wow... done in less than like 30 seconds.  I just laid there... breathing hard... he rubbed my heated behind and asked "So, is that enough for you to remember who is who" 

"Wow... yeah.... that was enough..."  I got up, turned around and put my arms around his neck and hugged him... he is my hero.  "Thank you so much... that was just what I needed... I'll remember... I love you"

"Good... I love you too"  He hugged me back... nice and tight.   Usually after a spanking it goes directly into a very hot session that husbands and wives are supposed to enjoy.  Today that is going to be delayed by the fact that the kids could come home, literally, at any moment.  I think we were both ok with that.

I love this man.  He is not a perfect man, but he isn't married to a perfect woman.  He isn't as consistent as I probably would have wanted him to when we first started ttwd, but for now, what happens happens.  The private time that we have because of our kids is ok... we wouldn't have it any other way.  If we had way more private time right now that would mean that our kids wouldn't be around, and that isn't what either of us want right now.  There is a time and a place for everything... and the time right now is to raise our kids.  We love the time we get...and cherish it.  I think that is fine for now.

God is so good.  He gave me this man... he gave me our kids... he gives me each day.  I am thankful for every blessing that is bestowed on me and my family.

I couldn't have painted a lovelier life right now if I had done it myself!


  1. Lovely :). You are blessed to have each other and be so in live and have a great family :)

    Take care. Sky

  2. Thinking our weekends were very similar lol! Very true about the kids. Trying to grab just 'us' time is difficult but well....... I can't imagine what it'd be like without them there, the second I had my children, nothing else in the whole world mattered. It's like everything else, adapting to suit circumstance and although I sometimes long for a wee bit quiet, when I get it..... I'm like "oh no it's too quiet." lol :)

    Dee x

  3. I have to admit that I'm a bit jealous that "maintenance" was 12 swats with his hand. Let that keep working for you!!!

    Okay, jealousy aside, yes it sure is great when they know exactly what we need, take charge and just do it whether we like it or not at the time. Those feelings of 'rightness' we have after show that they do know what they are doing.

  4. :) Nice painting indeed! Yes, the man might one day consider the concept of a "warm-up" will come. In the mean time, he's clearly trying to do his job...what a good guy! Sara

  5. Aww I loved this! It's so sweet. But I'm riding the jealous train with good girl spankings are just slightly less than a punishment spanking. Hubby says "it's gotta mean something to do something". You would have to ask him what that means though LOL.

    ~Princess xoxo

  6. So glad you guys are in a good place. :) We too have trouble finding time for ourselves without the kids roaming about. But, I wouldn't change that. I know there will come a day when they're grown and on their own and while I'll enjoy having more freedom, I'll miss them terribly!

  7. Nice story, Mikki!


    P.S. Isn't it great when your husband takes control?!

  8. @Sky... thank you... yes... we feel very blessed.

    @Dee.. oh I know... kids do envelope our lives! Every moment. I'm thinking that if we do this thing called parenting right, we will be allowed to enjoy that wonderful thing called empty next syndrome... yet more emotional junk they put us through! LOL

    @Susie... Maintenance... it was either my second or third, they aren't consistent in timing but they are in getting the job done! ;o)

    @Sara... caring has always been way more important to me than being perfect! I'm sure he'll get to the warm ups.... someday! LOL

    @Princess... eewwww.... no... I don't like how your hubby thinks either! LOL

    @Grace... I have to be reminded some days that I'm gonna miss 'em! LOL I love them terribly... some days they are way harder than others! aauugghh!!

    @Kitty... Thanks! xxx

  9. Better late than never! It sounds like you are in a really good place right now. I remember I used to say or do something to get a spanking for(usually teasing) knowing he couldn't do anything about it since the kids would be home only to find out that they both had plans to be gone for the evening! Nick would give me a look as if to say 'Thought you were safe didn't you?' and just grin.

    I loved the kids being around, I love now that they are mostly away. There is a time for every season...


  10. Aww, that's nice. Those surprise moments must be wonderful! xxxxxx

  11. Just found your blog :) Sounds like you got exactly what you needed. I love it!

  12. PK.. there really is a reason for every season!! xx

    Daisychain... they truly are

    Spanked Army Wife... Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I usually get what I need and what I have coming! LOL