Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My First Punishment Spanking... YYeeoowwiieee

I guess I'm a wienie... I just am...

I don't like spankings... I love where it puts my head.

This morning I'm loving, submissive, settled.... last night I was thanking God for nice cool sheets to lay on for my burning bottom.  I don't know how long he spanked me, not very.  He took it easy on me... but was stern enough in that I knew I had been spanked.

I had never had a punishment spanking before... but right before he came and got me and led me to our laundry room... I was reading sugarsweethoney21 and God I hope it's fiction.  She spoke of being spanked for like an hour... then he got serious... Auugghh!!  Are you kidding me??  I probably got 12 swats with that hair brush and that was all I could take.  It didn't help that he kept hitting the same two spots on either bun... but deciding not to try to top from the bottom.... I decided not to tell him how to do his job.

I think S is a spanko... he seemed to enjoy it a bit too much... his body gave him away as we went right to bed after the assault on my posterior... he obviously enjoyed it more than I did! ;o)

Anyway... we are better now.... I feel forgiven.  I'm not trying to shove religion down anyone's throat... but I have to say that I'm so glad that my Heavenly Father forgives me without such a rule... I'd hate to have to get a spanking for every single wrong doing that I commit on a daily basis... How much harder would it be follow Him if it weren't so easy to ask for forgiveness!!

Even this morning my bum seems to have a bit of an ache to to... bless his heart, a girl has to wonder if he has done this sort of thing before!


  1. You wanted consistency, sounds like you got it lol :)
    Glad you feel more settled now Mikki, it really does work wonders and makes us think twice eh :)
    I think they're faster learners than what we give them credit for.

    Dee x

  2. ***Hugs*** I haven't tried writing fiction---it seems like every possible scenario has already been played out by someone somewhere :) The baseball game was on, so He was a bit distracted and therefore going a little slower than normal but He rarely spanks me for less than an hour :) The hard ones hurt, and it was alot after a few weeks of non-activity, but He knows my limits and pushes me to them and sometimes a bit beyond. Thanks for reading/commenting and mentioning me in your post----I'm honored! ****hugs**** ~sugar

  3. Glad you're feeling better this morning Mikki! Amazing what a spanking can do, isn't it? I don't pretend to understand it. I just know it works.

  4. Dee... Yeah, I think they are quicker learners than they let on!! Kinda like kids!! LOL

    Sugar... you are so welcome for mentioning your blog... the one thing I'd like to know is how you ladies do an hour or so at a time! AUUgghh!!! I guess I'd almost just rather get 'er done quickly than to draw it out. Unless it's an erotic spank... then he can draw it out a bit... but not a punishment...

    Grace... I do feel more settled... thanks. I so totally agree... how does it work? I don't get it... I just know it does... and I know I'd walk though fire not to go back... so I guess I'll just walk on my butt!! LOL

    Thanks for stopping ladies... comments are the highlight of my day!! ;o)

  5. Ugh..the hairbrush! Sorry you got in trouble and sorry your man is a spanko- yikes. Good luck with that one. :)


  6. Ouch, wood is painful! That next day soreness is a constant reminder of him. (He loves knowing that, too!) Like you, I don't know WHY they work, I just know they do. :)

  7. Rogue... Actually... it was His silver hairbrush that I was so proud of last month!! The one that I was so proud that it was more of a thud, not a slap...

    Stormy... yeah... the hairbrush! I do like where my head is today! ;o)

  8. Lol, it takes skill to hit the same spot over...and over...and over again.
    It really is best not to attempt to correct it though--I did it. Once. It earned me more swats in the same spot than is really humane lol.

  9. Lil... I was thinking that was the one smart thing I had done all day... not saying anything!! LOL I'm all about one treating ones wife humanely!! ;o)

  10. HaHaha LOL @ Lil's comment :)

  11. Yes, I agree, it gives such a settled feeling AFTER...shame we have to go through it but its worth it for that feeling.. ;) xxxxxxxxx

  12. Glad that it's over, though I'm sad that you were introduced to wood...ouchy And yes, what is it about them smacking the same spot over and over again? I complained once...that was a bad idea. He decided to try again and found new spots.

  13. Susie... yeah... I couldn't believe he kept hitting the same two spots! I have to say... my behind isn't so small that there aren't other choices!! *giggling* Go figure!! LOL

    Daisychain... oh... and that settled feeling is so good!!

  14. Ouch! I can't imagine getting spanked with a hairbrush...sorry for your ouches, but glad you feel good about it.