Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Consistency... everybody needs it...

"What time are you going to bed?"

"I don't know, what time did you want me to?" (no smile... no friendly bantering)

"9:00..."(it's 8:48)

"Hmmpphh... ok....  whatever..."

He could tell I wasn't impressed even before we got to the bedroom.  I don't know how, but he read me like a book.  Guess the book needs to tell him how to follow through... how his wife would be her wonderful, happy, smiling, flirty, settled self if he would learn how to follow through.

S was in bed before I was... I had to put a few dishes in the dishwasher on the way to bed... it always takes me a few more minutes than him to get there... finishing up the day... straightening up for the next day to begin.  One of the few "rules" that we have is that I'm to ask when I come to bed if I should close the door.  Before ttwd... there was very little sex.... very little anything besides sleeping in our bed.  When we started this new lifestyle, my promise to him and myself was that I would ask him every night.... whether I really wanted to or not... ask him if I needed to shut the door.  To spell it out...shutting the door meant that we would be intimate..have sex... be playful...be naked...be man and wife.  Something that neither of us really put our heart and soul into before.

"Do you want me to shut the door?" (with as much affection as you would say to a pet rock... maybe less)

"Yeah, that would be fine."

I shut the door, went to my side of the bed and took my clothes off and got into bed.  Went over to him... not really "wanting" to... but knowing that I want to be submissive... and how much more submissive can you be when going to him, and not really wanting to.  We cuddled... touched... fondled.... made love more passionately than in some time.  When we were done we were hot and sweaty... panting and exhausted.  I felt so much better working out my frustration and up-setness out on him in such a productive way! ;o)

He held me... I do love being held... I was feeling better, still a bit neglected but I had decided that I was not going to tell him when I was to get my spanking.  I had it coming... he is the boss.  It is almost as painful waiting for the dang thing than actually getting spanked.  My intention was to ask about it at some point... I was just waiting for the right moment.

"I'll give you your spanking tomorrow night, so get your head wrapped around it"

 "Ok... if that is what you think is best".  OMG.... I didn't even have to ask!

 "So have you thought about when and where?"

"Tomorrow night... after the kids go to bed"

"In our room?  Aren't you afraid the kids will here?"

"We'll go in the laundry room"

"Oh, ok... whatever you think is best"  OMG... he has actually thought about this!!!

"I've not been keeping up on your spankings.  We're going to change that"

I snuggled up to him even closer.  Since we have been doing ttwd, I don't let myself get mad at him.  I'm not going to say I don't get mad because I am a mom and I do deal with the public... so I do get yanked, just not at him.  Most of the time when I deal with him I am sweet.... or at least I keep my head from spinning around at him.  He doesn't like it when I'm not loving toward him.  Tonight was one of those nights.  He figured out quite quickly what I needed.

I'm really hoping that he figures out that the more consistent he is as my HOH.... the more consistent I'll be as his happy, loving, cuddly, submissive wife....

Maybe... just maybe!!


  1. Good morning, Mikki.

    It's wonderful that he can read you like that, and respond the way you need him to because even though we always expect that from them, I'm not sure it's such an easy thing to do.

    I think sometimes as submissives we naturally have that desire to please and as women also we seem to automatically try to read into our partner's moods and actions so we can meet those needs, but men think differently. If they have a need, they usually just put it out there, so they aren't trying to analyze us all the time unless they make a conscious effort to do so.

    It sounds like you two are on the right track so hang in there and keep doing what you're doing. :-)

  2. Yeah!...I think. I'm glad the wait is almost over. I'm waiting today too...and am trying to keep up a good attitude.

  3. Susie... Oh man... the wait sucks... but I know it's almost over! I want to get back to where we are supposed to be! Keep up the great work! And the good attitude! ;o)

    stumblingchi... Thank you... I think we are on the right track! Evidently I was quite an overbearing bitch before ttwd. I think it drove him even further into his cave of depression. Since we have begun this new path... we are both so much happier! I ask him what he thinks so much.. and he actually has opinions.. he never had any before!

    Thank you both for your support! Your feedback means so much! :o)

  4. Yes, the wait does suck, especially the wait when you have been told when and where, then he bloody forgets!!!!!! GRRRRRR!!! That has happened to me a few times and boy, did I make him suffer (even submissive women have their ways!!) xxxxxx

  5. Daisychain... ROFL... yes we do have our ways!