Thursday, October 13, 2011

This is gonna suck!

This post was an email that I sent to S.  I hate that I had to send it, but I had asked him to keep me accountable for my eating program.  I lost weight last week... we were very excited... but this week we had a couple of parties to attend... I guess I never got back on the "wagon".  I really hated to send this as, if you follow this blog, I don't like  receiving spankings.

Hey baby!

How is your day today? I hope better than yesterday! I think we both got punched in the belly yesterday with the prospect that your/our life may change for a while, as we know it! I think that if you talk to Xxxx about it tomorrow it will at least help us to know where you/we are gonna stand. I hope he is able to work with you in all of this! I really do feel like God is gonna take care of us... we will probably even be better off for it!

*deep breath* I didn't really want to bring this up.. but I need to be held accountable for my gain this week. I know, everybody does it... we could brush it under the table... but I need be held accountable. I need a spanking for my gain this week. If we don't follow through with this I won't take my eating program seriously... and will never get healthy. I need a spanking tonight and I need a hard one. Use what ever you want... I just need to know that I've been spanked. I need it to be a spanking I don't want to repeat. I'm sure the rec room will be fine... it will give us more room...

If you want me to find an implement for you... let me know. I know we have several paddles...we also have your belt, wooden spoons...let me know what you would like me to get to prepare. I want to make you happy... and I know that having to spank me tonight is really not gonna make you happy. I'm sorry. I know you have way too much on your mind to have to bring me back to where I need to be. Hopefully next week I'll be able to make better decisions.

This hasn't been an easy note to write... I'd much rather forget about it... I know you would too... but I have to have an incentive to lose this weight, to get healthy for you and me and our family. Evidently the weight loss itself isn't enough incentive.

I love you S! I want to be the best wife I can be for you! I want to make you happy... I want us to be happy!

I love you!! You are the love of my life!


 I'm very nervous after having sent this... my behind may never be the same! 


  1. Mikki,

    Good luck! I have a feeling you're going to need it.

    Love and hugs,

  2. You should be very proud of yourself Mikki. You admitted falling short of your goal and requested discipline for it. You let him know how you feel, but remember, the rest is up to him. It can be a tricky thing to let our husbands know what we feel we need and yet allow them to actually decide what they want to do.

    And I hope that whatever the possibly life changing thing is ends up being a positive thing!

  3. Mikki...I agree with Grace. You should be proud of yourself for being honest, even on a hard day when it would be easier to just let it be. It won't be fun, but it'll be okay. Try not to worry too much.

  4. Maybe you can try placing a book in the seat of your pants?

    I know. It never worked on TV either :-)

    Sit down as much as you can now. Got a feeling you'll be standing for a bit!

  5. Hi Mikki,

    I have a question and comments. The question is this; How do you deal with the fact that women (At least all the women I've known) tend to float 10 or 15 pounds through the month? Ginger for instance will go up and down about 7-10 pounds every month no matter what I feed her. And Mary Ann is worse. Do you get spanked no matter what if you gain weight?

    First comment, Apparently I missed the punch in the gut that resulted from a radical life change that's mentioned in the note you posted, but I wanted to let you know I'm hoping all works out well for you. Good luck.

    Secondly, I wondered of you knew that an actual cat o' nine tails used by the iron men that sailed the wooden ships of yore actually had 9 (Or more) braided thongs ending in either broken glass or a nail intended to tear the flesh? If your man used one of those, not only would you likely never have an issue staying motivated, but if he was aggressive with it you might be a couple of pounds lighter by the time he was done right then! It helps if you have a basement with a floor drain with this technique. Just sayin'.

    I'll wish you more good luck. :)

  6. You should give yourself a pat on the back for bravery :) so well done. As difficult as it is , you know that you need this extra incentive and for those of us that find it near impossible to admit or to 'ask', well.... the written word can be a good tool to use.
    I have also written an email very recently regards an 'issue' that I have, an issue that affects 'us' and it makes no difference that I love to be spanked, punishment spankings are not so fun :( but I too know I need the extra incentive.
    So good luck with it........ hoping you'll be able to sit not too uncomfortably lol!

    Dee x

  7. @ Kitty... thank you... I may need it! ;o)

    @ Grace... You are so right, it is up to him and no matter what, I want the outcome to be positive!

    @ Susie... I'm trying not to worry too much... trying to get other stuff done and be productive and not a brat!

    @ baby girl... ROFL... yeah, if it doesn't work on TV, it probably won't work for me... Actually the I LOVE LUCY SHOW comes to mind... where she is always getting a spanking for her hi-jinks!

    @ MagnusCattus... ok... you always offer so much to think about!! ;o) No.. I'm not allowing myself to "float 10-15lbs" I am, evidently, a food addict. This just makes so much sense because earlier in life when I smoked, I chain smoked... when I drank, I was a drunk... when I did drugs... I'm thinking you can get what I'm saying. I need to loose like 60lbs. The first week I lost 4lbs... the second I gained 3lbs... I'm not headed anywhere very fast that way. Also, I didn't gain from water retention, I gained because I had too good of a time over the weekend at a couple of social functions.. and I am very social! LOL

    The punch in the belly... it's a medical condition of S's... not sure if I will ever be able to share... but it definitely could be life altering... thank you for your concern.

    The cat'o nine tales... you are not a nice man! JK

    Dee... thank you.. I don't feel very brave, I'm thinking kinda stupid! JK I know I'm not the only one that has to ask for extra imcentive, but it is helpful knowing that I have such a wonderful support group! You guys ROCK!!

  8. Holy yikes! You are brave or crazy. I could never ever ask for punishment.