Sunday, October 16, 2011

How long is too long??

Ok... I'm the last person to get onto anyone for forgetting something.  When I had my babies, it seems that they have sucked my memory right out of my body.  Serious.. I don't seem to remember anything anymore.  I have to have a list.  My lists have lists.  My son can't remember anything either so my daughter must have taken the whole damn thing!!  I tell him... do it when you are told to do it, if you don't, you'll forget... then you'll find yourself in trouble.  Does he listen?  He's in trouble a lot for forgetting.  I don't know who I'm more irritated with, him not doing what he is supposed to do or me for giving him the gene that causes all my irritation.

Well, not all my irritation.  I didn't give birth to S... and he doesn't seem to have much of a memory either.  Last Thursday I emailed him, told him that I had gained, blah, blah... was asking for his help in making sure it didn't happen again.  Told him I wrote him an email.  Asked if he read it...nope.. I'll read it tomorrow... tomorrow finally happened today, and its only Sunday. HHmmm....  I'm not impressed.

No, I'm not mad, my feelings have already run the gambit.  Happy, mad, sad, glad, irritated... blah, blah....

 I had a fit this weekend.  It was actually one of my first major fits since we started ttwd.  Not bad if I do say so myself... been doing ttwd for nearly a year.  The fit was over my thinking he should have looked into a good deal on merchandise that would have saved us a chunk of change.  I knew it would go fast and I told him of it and he wasn't interested in even looking at it.. with no reason.  I work really hard myself, not only on the job but also as the House Manager, making every penny spread as far as a nickle, and he decides that it's not important to save this considerable amount of money... this was Thursday.  Saturday I had a meltdown.. just wanted to know why... it really isn't my business since I know he is the HOH... and I know I am to answer to him...

It's so much easier to be submissive when things are going my way!

Well.... it seems that S has finally read my email.  He meant to spank me this afternoon but the kids were around.  I think he has a paddle in his hand right now watching his show... waiting for me to be done... and his show to be over.  HHmmm... a smart girl would keep typing forever. LOL

I told him he couldn't spank me now for my gain... it's too late.  We didn't discuss it... he wasn't interested.

I also told him that when you forget a spanking or forget to read an email, that it translates to me that you forgot about me... he says he could never forget about me.... hhmmm

So how late is too late... how long is too long...


  1. Mikki,
    I'm sorry, this is stressful. Forgetting or even putting it off does make us feel like we don't really matter that much. We struggled with that briefly but once M understood what a terrible place it put me in, he got uber consistent. I'll pray that S finds his way through this. Hang in there, it's probably not too late. At the very least you need to reconnect with each other.

    About the money issue...I know every couple handles this differently. Because my husband and I handle money differently, we choose to make all decisions as a team. There's really very little HoH in that area of our lives. I suppose if something came down to an ultimate final decision he would make it, but we strive to come to common ground all the time. I don't know, just something to consider if this kind of thing brings frustration very often.

  2. It's never too late, lol! Besides, I think you really don't want him to forget to spank you:).

    Love and hugs,

  3. Too long is what is whatever is too long for you. He may have a different sense of time too. I might have had a fit over the weekend too, especially in our 1st yr or so of Dd. You FELT that he blew you off, even if he didn't, and he does need to know how his inconsistency and lack of follow makes you feel. BUT, this stuff is pretty typical and all part of learning together. Good luck with the resolution! Sara

  4. Susie... thank you for your kind words. Yeah, we were able to talk things through and I think he got that I felt forgotten.. and that is truly the hardest part of ttwd...

    The money... yes for the most part we make these decisions together... but he completely blew off going to look a really good deal. I was raised that it really didn't matter what else you have going on... you take care of business and git er done no matter what.

    Kitty... your right... I didn't want him to forget to spank me... but after several days. I was kidding when I told him that he couldn't spank me for my gain because it was too late... he said that was fine... and I got a reminder of who's who instead! That was fine... I probably needed that one.... I just didn't want to be punished for what seemed a week later!

    Sara... welcome back nice lady! In his defense, we are both a bit distracted due to waiting on some medical stuff... so we do what we need... I needed a spanking and didn't get it... he needs to be left alone to sulk.. and he didn't get that either! ;o) You are so knowledgeable in all of this... thank you for your insight! ;o)

  5. How late is too late to comment on this post? :)

    I personally think that 2 days should be the limit, but my hubby doesn't agree >:/

    But I can imagine how you felt about thinking he was forgetting about you! That right there is a situation where you need some "extra attention", so he should have spanked you, if not for your wrong doing, to bring you closer as a couple because of how you were feeling forgotten :)

    ~Princess xoxo

  6. Princess... *giggling* And how long is too long for a post to be up!! LOL It's been such a stressful week that I haven't even been able to think of posting.

    We did end up reconnecting... he did spank me but not for my gain... I was a bit sassy and told him that I felt that it was too late, he was fine with that but said it was time for a maintenance/re connection spanking! ;o)

    Life really is good.... I just have to make sure that I stay submissive in my head, even when I'm not being spanked!

    Thank you all for caring! *hugs*

  7. A spanking is never too late....but it is irritating when you have to wait for it, especially if it is because it has been forgotten about! I usually become deliberately annoying, to force his hand, which, incidentally, becomes super strong in these instances! xxxxxxxx