Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Love Getting Toys in the Mail!!

ROCK ON!! I went and got the mail, and low and behold I got a package. I ripped open my package, knowing exactly what it is, but I wanted to feel it... look at it... imagine with it. S is going to be so excited, he's been asking about it. He knew I had ordered it... last week he told me to order it after I told him how several had said that this was so quiet.

I got my vintage silver plated hair brush. I love antiques! I even love stuff that just looks old...hence one of the things that attracted me to S!*giggling* I can't wait till he gets home!

OOppsss... gotta run! Spent too much time trying to get the picture like I wanted it! LOL

Have a great day! Hope I'll be back with a wonderful story or two! *wink*


  1. HA!!! Good luck with THAT!!!!

    Hairbrushes are evil! xxxxxxx

  2. Gorgeous antique hairbrush, Mikki!

    Wonder what kind of "impression" it will leave? LOL

  3. Oh, Mikki, this is awesome! This looks just like ours! :) I hope you love it as much as we love ours!! :)

  4. @Daisychain... Hairbrushes don't hurt people... people hurt people!! *giggling*

    @Sky... Thank you... it really is pretty! I even got a comb to go with it! My plan is to leave them on my dresser as like decoration. :^)

    Sugar... Thank you! You are the one who inspired me! I tried really hard to get one like yours! I'm hoping we like it!

  5. VERY pretty! But don't you think with the silver plating it will make a lot of noise? Our antique ebony one is silent but deadly.


  6. I have spent a good deal of time looking longingly in antique shops at these wicked looking things. Can't wait to hear how it really works out.

    Cranky Spanker

  7. Beautiful! I have an antique hairbrush but have never tried it. We'll be interested to hear about the results!

  8. @Sara... thank you... I think it's very pretty also..

    @crankyspanker... Thanks for stopping by! Yes... I love antiques... and it's beautiful! I can't wait to find out either!! ;-)

    Meow... Thanks!! I think S was even impressed with how nice and heavy it is! I'll have to let you know how it goes!!