Saturday, August 27, 2011

She's Worth Her Weight in Silver!

Woo Hoo!!  All I can say!!  My world got rocked last night and I just absolutely couldn't help but share!!

Before I get into the juicy details of the use of the brush... I have to tell a few other details that maybe aren't juicy but thought you might like to know.  I am a Ebay shopper.  Don't know how many of you are but I absolutely love it!  I live in Hicksville, USA.  We have no mall.  The closest thing we have to it is Walmart.  We have little boutiques and antique stores on the square but they either don't have what I'm looking for or higher than a cat's a$$ (as S would say).  I even shop Ebay for Christmas stuff... if we want unique... that is where we go.  Anyway... I'm also very thrifty... S says I'm cheap.  I'm the household manager so I'm the one who has to make sure that the bills get paid and have to answer to him if they don't.

Anyway....Ebay.... I got this wonderful vintage brush with a very nice comb for all total $15 with shipping and handling.  I was so proud!  Very pleased!!   We were impressed how heavy it is!  At first I was thinking it was a bit short... not a concern!!   It's only 7" long... but not a problem for S! ;-)   Makes for a very intimate spanking!

Juicy.... S took us out to dinner... he and I.. that would be so romantic... but we got to take our 12 yo son with us! LOL  I know ... you thought it would be the usual romantic dinner... nope!  It was my favorite Mexican spot so no complaints here!!  We hung out at home the rest of the evening... family stuff.  Sent the boy to bed around 9:30 so he would be good and asleep by the time we went to bed an hour later.  (M-F we all start our days at 5:45am... so even kids are wienies on Friday night.. lol)

I took my shower on the way to bed... and as I'm walking into our room... S asks where HIS new brush was.  I have to say that just made me melt.  I am like most of you... always wondering if your guy really wants to do ttwd or if you are shoving it down his throat.  So when he asked for HIS new brush... I was ecstatic!  I handed it over... and we got into bed and cuddled for a while.  I had been with him all day but I missed his touch so badly.  I just wanted to melt into his arms.  We kissed.... caressed... found neglected parts that needed attention.  S is so generous... especially in love making... always wanting to make sure to pleasure before being pleasured.  After we were done... I remembered our new friend, the brush.  Oh... no... I thought it would have to wait agian... but he remembered.

S had me lay over his lap... I asked that he be gentle as we had no idea how this new found implement, that was so pretty, would work on my butt!!  He promised to be gentle.  I had been good... I wasn't really needing to be punished or anything... just a little test drive... a bit of reminding who was who.   He rubbed my behind... we both love that.  Then he laid the brush on my warm skin... oh it was a bit chilly... but felt nice rubbing over my skin.  He then began by just lifting it and  letting it fall on my skin with its own weight... nice.  He warmed me up quite nicely like that... then put a bit more into it.... not much... just enough.  I was in the mood to just be with him... no need to cry or relieve any stress... it was perfect.

My S definitely knows how to drive a brush!  I do like the thud... I don't get into the sting for pleasure.  Punishment a person really has no choice what you get.... but for pleasure... this will be my tool of choice!  I think I would take his hand over the brush, but his hand makes too much noise.  The brush was perfectly quiet!  We have been searching for this wonderful new friend for a long time.. Thank you Sugar!!  Your guy has wonderful taste!!


  1. I am so glad you had a good time with it. Being a metal, not wooden hairbrush I was a little concerned it might be harsher, but used the way you describe it sounded lovely! That is not my experience with a wooden hairbrush! Davey was a little more, shall we say, enthusiastic in it's use, and it was VERY stingy and ouchy! xxxx

  2. Hi Mikki,

    That sounds like the perfect end to a lovely day. Your brush is useful a well as beautiful. I hope it gives you both many years of pleasure.


  3. Sounds like you both enjoyed yourselves ;) I'm glad you like it (finally, someone who can appreciate a good THUD!!) :)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful evening for both of you, Mikki. :) I love the brush, btw!

    Take care, Sky

  5. @Daisychain... yeah, I wasn't sure about the metal thing... but Sugar seemed very pleased with hers... and I love antiques and I figured that if it didn't work, I could just leave it on my dresser as an decoration! LOL Worked out very nice though with a gentle driver!

  6. @Sky...yes, I think it's beautiful. The comb that came with it is also pretty. Should have shown it off as well but I didn't think anyone would be interested... nobody spanks with combs anymore! LOL JK

    @Sugar... Thanks again for so highly recommending our newest addition to the implement tool box.

    @Hermione.. I think it's going to be one of our family heirlooms! Don't you know that our decedents would be freaked out by what we used it for!*giggling*

  7.'s pretty? Hee hee. I don't like being spanked with a hairbrush. Ow.
    Glad you are finding it just what you wanted though.

    I like ebay but I LOVE Etsy. :)

  8. @Stormy... well... he was pretty gentle with me as it had been a while since he'd spanked me! :o)

    Esty... had to google, I've never heard of it! I'll have to check it out!! Thanks!

    You learn something new every day!!