Saturday, August 6, 2011

I used to get my way... or did I?

Well it happened... and I was NOT impressed.  I'm feeling better now but it was definitely a struggle to get over it.  I don't usually get that upset with S anymore.  He is usually helpful, calm, generous and generally a good guy.  When he goes to town, he asks if I need anything... that sort of thing.

Tonight we get to have date night... the kids are going to a friends house and so we get to go out.  I was wanting to do something that we haven't done in a while and stumbled onto what is playing in the movies, and there are two playing that he wanted to see.  So I invited him to go and I think he is actually excited... which is in itself unlike him. I was thinking we'd go to the 7o'clock movie.. but with the running that I needed to do, there was no way we could do that and dinner and make it to the movie... the 9:30 never even crossed my mind, but evidently that is what S had in mind.  Well, I was excited too because last night he promised me a spanking tonight, first in a while, and it's sounding pretty good!  I don't get spanked very often due to the privacy factor... too many kids, too little non kid time!

S was headed to town for a couple of his own errands.. and since he most generally asks if I need anything I started a small list.  He, in only the way he can, proceeded to put me off.  He started telling me how he didn't know where the candy was... and that I can get the other stuff at the store tomorrow... blah, blah....ok.  I have to say that at first I was way ok with this and said that we would just go to the 9:30 movie.

Well the longer I thought about it after he left... the madder I got.  How dare he not do this little thing for me.  How many times a day to I do things for him that I don't necessarily want to do.  And what is he gonna do the rest of the day but sit in his recliner and I have to work and he doesn't want to pick up a few things for me?  GGRrrrr..... not impressed!

Then I remembered... ttwd.  He is the boss.  I'm not anymore.  Wow... this can really suck sometimes.  Now why did I give up all my power?  Why did I promise not to fight over stuff like this anymore?  I had to calm myself down.  I had to figure out what I was gonna do about this because the state that my head was in, date night was really gonna suck.

I then remembered why we do ttwd.... because I don't want to end up like my parents.  My parents brought our son back last week from a 3 week visit with them and then stayed for a few days.  They were pretty pissy.  I thought maybe our boy had made them mad or something... and then I figured it out.... they were fighting again.  They fought all the time when I was growing up... about everything.   They both had very good reasons for being mad, most generally.  The reason she was always mad was because he was never home.  The reason he was always mad was because she was mad at him for not being home.  Wonderful childhood!  So they come to my house... and force us to be subjected to their bickering.  Not impressive.  Really, what she needs is a good otk spanking that would rock her world... but what he needs to do is to stand up and be a man who deserves respect instead of a punk that needs throw word punches.  No one deserves abuse.... not us and not them.

S came home... and I have to say that it took all the will power that I have not to light into him... and be a crabby little snot because I had worked myself into quite a little tissy.  Fortunately for me, and my bottom, I had gotten too busy with the kids to bring up the subject right away, and by the time I had time to chat with him about my upsetness... it was 5:00.... and I was done with work!  Off an hour earlier than I expected!  I was so happy!

With the kids gone, I got in the shower and was getting ready to go out when hubby came in and had other plans. He took me by the hand to our bedroom where he proceeded to show me what a good girl I was for not throwing a fit!  He is such a wonderful lover.... slow and tender... making sure that I gave him each and every climax that I had to give.  His tongue finding each spot with with the expertise of a marksman, knowing just exactly what he would get with the flicker of each button.... and his tongue finding my butt button sent me to places only he knows about!  After he extracted each and every climax from my body, he laid next to me... after recovering a moment... I found his throbbing member and hungrily sucked it in like I hadn't eaten in weeks.  Licking and sucking his cock and balls all the while he was slapping my bottom for being the good girl that I was.  Heaven is where I was... being spanked by my true love for letting him be my HOH...  

It took us so long to get ready to go that we decided to still go to the 9:30... and I'm so glad we did.  We were able to leisurely eat dinner, go to a couple of stores.... laughing and enjoying each others company.  I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable time.  We never had times like we enjoyed tonight before Dd... what a wonderful new life we have!

So... there in lies why we do ttwd.   I don't want history to repeat its self.  I don't want to see myself in my sixties, unhappy,because I have an empty nest with a person I don't like, like my parents.   I'm looking forward to an empty nest when I can spend some quality alone time with my HOH as he guides us through life.


  1. Hi Mikki, lot's of wonderful things come from Dd. And learning not to nag or throw fits is one, but there's also a place for saying what you feel when you're upset. Do you think your frustration about your requests being ignored will resurface next time? I wonder if there can be a balance...expressing yourself without causing big arguments or strife. For me that has been tricky but important. Sara

  2. So much better than fighting. I hate being spanked, but power struggles are so unromantic. It's good to have a way to resolve things and keep our marriages strong.

  3. Sara... I have been reading your blog for months and I can relate to so much of what you say in your writings. I feel honored that you read my blog... I really look up to you.

    I know you have really been struggling lately and I'm so sorry for that. I don't know if the frustration will resurface next time... but I have to say that I'm learning to pick my fights. I'm trying to decipher what is important and what isn't worth fighting over... that is one of the things I'm learning in Dd. S doesn't have a problem listening to my thoughts as long as I'm respectful in the process. It is tricky, that is true... but I think we both know it's so worth figuring it out!

    Thank you so much for helping me and mine get our heads wrapped around this TTWD! *hugs*

  4. You are so right Stormy!! Hard to have a fun sexy time fighting over petty junk! Nothing stronger than a strong marriage! :o)

  5. I too, have to struggle with only exploding when there is a true need! SO many things tick me off but in the general scheme of things, are really not worth fighting over. Letting go, letting them wash over you and away, is difficult but once done, the peace you experience makes you wonder why you struggled to do it! xxxxxxx