Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Secrets about Capsaicin Cream

We have kids... most of us do.  How hard is it to get a decent spanking with those little buggars around??   I'm always trying to find ways to receive what I need, keeping ttwd under wraps from the children.  I have to say that I read nearly everything I can about ttwd and spankings.  I read it... mull it over... if I like it, I read more and most generally make a post from my own blog.  If I don't like it or don't agree with a blog, I will move on.  Simple enough.  I have come across a blog that has some interesting thoughts, as they all do.  Learning Domestic Discipline has addressed the subject that not many do... the silent spanking... Capsaicin Cream.

I have to say that the first time S applied this cream to my behind, I didn't feel a thing.  Honestly.  I did get a nice massage from my guy but that was all.  Very disappointing!  Not impressive.  I went back to the LDD blog and there were several there that had used it and some attested to have had their butts set afire by this cream.  So you will understand how disappointed I was when it didn't work for me?

Last night I happened to see the tube of Capsaicin on hubby's night stand.  I asked if he was up to trying it again... sure enough he told me to roll over.  Very nice massage.  I have to say that he did massage it in more than he did last time.  He also used more this time, but then wiped it off after we thought it wasn't working.  I have to say that I think that I have some information about this cream:

    1.  Make sure that the person receiving the cream isn't allergic...I'd even go so far as to try a very small test spot if they don't know... I'd hate for someone put this all over a behind and end up being too sensitive to it!

    2.  A dab will do ya... don't use so little that it doesn't do anything... it isn't battery acid or anything like that... it takes a few minutes for it to start to work... at least it did for me anyway.

    3.  Massage it in... S really massaged my hinney, working it in.  He even wiped off any excess after he rubbed it in because we didn't think it was going to work.

    4.  Cover it up...  The first time we used it, I went to sleep shortly after... unclothed and sleeping on my belly... there was no weight on it... no covers but the sheet.  Last night I slept naked but I woke up in the night laying on my back... my behind on fire!! :o)  This morning, I'm wearing loose fitting shorts... When standing and walking not much sensation... but when sitting... it feels like I got a very good spanking last night!

    5 CAUTION... We didn't... but do make sure NOT to let any of thing on any personal parts!!!  I can only imagine how this would feel if it were to end up inside or on a piece of anatomy that it isn't supposed to be!  For this reason, make sure that the person administering this cream washes their hands completely!


I didn't post this because I thought LDD didn't do a good job.... I was very glad to hear of this and to experiment with a new product.  I did want to let everyone know how if  felt because he didn't really cover that part.  What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.  I don't think that this Capsaicin will probably kill anyone, it will, however, keep your mind where it needs to be! *grin*


  1. Mikki, Do you feel it gave you anything similar to a spanking on an emotional level? Sara

  2. Thanks for the tips!

    Still waiting to get my first spanking and when I do, I'll be sure to remember this page!

  3. I've used capsaicin before, and I take safety just a step further. To make sure that I don't keep any on my hands, I wear latex or nitrile gloves to protect them. The first time that I used the stuff, I didn't do this, and I mistakendly had some "private Thomas time" and got it on unhappy places. Since it is so difficult to wash off, this is the best bet.

    Also, I tend to use capsaicin to enhance a spanking, rather than replace it. By spanking a young lady, applying the capsaicin to her bottom while it's warm and sensitive, and then spanking some more, I can achieve a burn that cannot be described easily. The heat from the spanking is what really activates the capsaicin (much like sitting on your bottom, or laying on your back with the covers over you) so this gets the heat going while she's still being spanked.

  4. @Sara.. absolutely not anything near the emotions you get from a spanking... the main reason that I was interested in it is because we don't seem to get to spank much because of the kids around. I failed to mention yesterday, the maintenance that I got was with a dowel rod. Not a happy spanking if it were for anything but a reminder! We are looking for something quiet... we're doing a bit of experimenting! I think my next entry is going to be asking for "quiet" implement suggestions.:o)

    @Thomas... Thanks for the saftey lesson... I'm all about learning from others!! I'll bet that sucked!! Yeah... it might be a while before I share your suggestion with S about combining the two! Thanks for stopping by! :o)

    @baby girl... bless your heart...I hope you finally get you so obviously want! Do keep the capsaicin in mind... its a nice little burn to keep you in the mindset... quietly!
    Thanks for stopping by! :o)

  5. Hi this sounds interesting, we have problems with spanking sometimes due to having 4 chn around and also when we go away with them - no privacy! Think I'll have to see if it's available in the UK!

  6. @L... glad I could help... I'm sure there is something like it... capsaicin is the main ingredient (0.1%) arthritis pain cream. Hopes this helps! I'm always looking for different quiet "implements". :o)

  7. Hi Mikki,

    I've never thought of it as a substitute either - only as a post-spanking enhancer. But it sounds like it worked for the two of you. Very creative of you!


  8. Hermione... thank you.. your blog is one of the main ones I follow... and I have to say that I appreciate your dropping by. I also have to mention that you have to be creative with 2 little buggars in the house! :o) LOL

  9. Hi, Mikki...I am gradually reading backwards! Love the blog!

    Re capsaicin cream, I believe it has pepper as an ingredient?
    I am allergic to pepper...all pepper...yes, chives, salad peppers, paprika, chilli, jalapeno, all!
    It means I have to be so very careful what I eat... and if this cream contains it, as I believe it does, it's a definite no-no! xxx

  10. I am sooo ready to try it, although I must say I am a little fearful.! Lolz like baby girl I to am waiting for my first spanking.!